Mandela As Example: South Africa’s Truth And Reconciliation Commission

Zuma suggested that their two governments exchange formal visits to discuss South Africa’s experience with the process. Rajapaksa’s Tamil critics immediately called his TRC proposal a tactic to delay international investigations of government (meaning Sinhalese) atrocities committed during the war. A reader left a melancholy comment on the news website. A TRC might help, but to make it work, Sri Lanka needs its own Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu. Tutu led South Africa’s TRC. According to the reader, Sri Lanka has neither. I don’t think the reader was arguing that peacemaking depends on specific personalities. However, media increasingly portray leaders as celebrities and equate policy implementation with a dramatic speech.
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Mandela Family Feud Resumes

The Johannesburg tabloid The Times reported Tuesday that locks at Nelson Mandela‘s home in the Eastern Cape hamlet were changed shortly after his eldest daughter, Makaziwe Mandela, arrived there on Thursday. At the time, Mandla Mandela was keeping vigil next to his grandfather’s coffin while the anti-apartheid icon’s body lay in state at the Union Buildings in Pretoria for three days. He escorted the coffin to Qunu on Saturday for Mandela’s funeral the following day. Approached for comment on the report Wednesday, Mandla Mandela’s spokesman, Freddy Pilusa, told The Associated Press: “He (Mandla) doesn’t want to confirm nor deny the report. He wants to focus on promoting and upholding the legacy of his grandfather going forward.” Mandla and Makaziwe have been involved in a bitter public spat over the control of Mandela’s legacy and leadership of the fractured family. The newspaper report said that since Mandela’s death on December 5: Water and lights at Mandla’s house on the Mandela estate were disconnected late on Saturday. The occupants, including Mandla, had no water when they awoke on Sunday; Makaziwe had told Mandla, the statesman’s grandson, that he must remove his cattle, pigs and dogs from the homestead; Relatives, politicians and religious leaders aligned to Mandla were sidelined and refused accreditation for Sunday’s funeral; Traditional family rituals, scheduled to be held in Mvezo, a town near Qunu, where Mandla is Madiba clan chief, were cancelled. No transport to the funeral was provided for Mandla’s mother, Nolusapho, or for her sister. They were brought to the funeral after a member of the family sent a text message to Mandla telling him of the situation. Nolusapho, who in the early 1970s had been with Nelson Mandela


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