A Life Shaped By The Struggle

<img src='http://socialistworker.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/242/images/432px-Mandela_burn_pass_1960-a.jpg&#039; width='200px' alt='Nelson Mandela burning an identification pass in 1960′ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

The campaign also led to a fivefold increase in the membership of the ANC, from 20,000 to 100,000 in just six months. With this campaign alone, the Youth League transformed the ANC from a major lobbying group into a mass organization. The campaign had no effect on the apartheid regulations, but it recruited the cadres who could make future such campaigns much more effective. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – THE NEXT major initiative was the Freedom Charter of 1955. The ANC and its Indian, Colored and white allies (together known as the Congress Alliance) sent out their members to get ordinary South Africans to say what they wanted for the future of the country–in answer to questions like, “If you could make the laws, what would you do?” All kinds of suggestions came from individuals and a great variety of groups, including church groups, sports teams, unions and women’s groups. Mandela’s memoir notes that “the most commonly cited demand was for one-man-one-vote.” The sponsoring national organizations and their branches took these suggestions and framed drafts of a document. A Congress of the People, composed of delegates from all over the country, would discuss and ratify a final Freedom Charter.
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Official says Nelson Mandela


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