Nelson Mandela’s Unforgettable Face, Spirit Captivate Film World

Indian billboard erected in honor of Nelson Mandela uses photo of Morgan Freeman instead

CAPTIONS Nelson Mandela The life story of Nelson Mandela – a powerful tale of a charismatic lawyer and human rights activist working to dismantle apartheid, only to land in prison for 27 years and ultimately become country’s first democratically elected president – has been told time and time again. Most recently, British star Idris Elba portrays the anti-apartheid figure on screen. Click through to see a sampling of actors who’ve depicted the revolutionary in film. By Christy Khoshaba (Debbi Yazbek / AFP / Getty Images) By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic December 5, 2013, 5:00 p.m. The year is 1992. Nelson Mandela , two years beyond his release from 27 years of political imprisonment and two years before he will be elected president of South Africa, stands before a classroom of Soweto children. A rare moment is being captured by camera and crew: Mandela as actor, rather than activist. Cast in the role of teacher, handed words to speak that are not his own. The only backdrop is a blackboard. Erased, it is a clean slate, but evidence of lessons past cling in the chalk powder. A subtle statement of its own to match the man whose passing Thursday as well as his life leaves traces that will cling forever. Also See more stories X Photos:Reaction to Nelson Mandela’s death Photos:Nelson Mandela dies: Celebrities react on Twitter Nelson Mandela and music: 10 essential anti-apartheid songs Nelson Mandela dies: His legacy to the arts Nelson Mandela dies: A photo showed the world the fury of South Africa Nelson Mandela dies: Hollywood remembers the South African leader Nelson Mandela biographical movie set for wide release Nelson Mandela draws tributes on YouTube, Twitter Nelson Mandela: The music world reacts Nelson Mandela inspired great music around the world The scene comes late in Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X,” the filmmaker’s biography of a very different political rebel.
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South Africa says goodbye to Nelson Mandela

The merchant who commissioned the billboard said he didn’t see it before it went up, and vowed to have it immediately fixed. By Nina Golgowski / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, December 19, 2013, 5:52 PM A little more than two weeks after the former South African President Nelson Mandela’sdeath, left, an Indian merchant erected a billboard in his honor, but used a photo of Morgan Freeman, right, instead. Related Stories ‘Invictus’: Morgan Freeman mesmerizes as Nelson Mandela Oops. A billboard erected in honor of Nelson Mandela in India mistakenly used a photo of actor Morgan Freeman instead. The embarrassing gaffe in the southern city of Coimbatore apparently left its commissioner red-faced and vowing to immediately have it fixed. “We will replace it with the correct picture of Mandela,” the cloth merchant t old AFP. The man who identified himself only as Chandrashekhar said he privately paid for the board out of respect for the former South African leader but didn’t see it before it went up.
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