Winnie Denies Mandela Family Feud

The Johannesburg tabloid The Times reported earlier this week that Mandela’s grandson Mandla had found himself locked out of the Mandela homestead in the Eastern Cape hamlet of Qunu where Mandela was buried on Sunday. According to the report, Mandela’s eldest daughter, Makaziwe Mandela, had ordered the locks changed after she arrived while Mandla was keeping vigil next to his grandfather’s coffin as the body lay in state at the Union Buildings in Pretoria for three days. Mandla also reportedly found his home on the Mandela estate without electricity and water on the day of his grandfather’s burial. ?He declined to comment on the matter. His spokesman, Freddy Pilusa, told The Associated Press: “He (Mandla) doesn’t want to confirm nor deny the report.
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Mandela ‘trained in sabotage by Mossad’

It was based on the Scarlet Pimpernel, the nom de guerre of the hero of Baroness Emma Orczys early 20th century novel, who saved French noblemen from the guillotine during the French Revolution. As you may recall, three months ago we discussed the case of a trainee who arrived at the [Israeli] embassy in Ethiopia by the name of David Mobsari who came from Rhodesia, the letter said. The aforementioned received training from the Ethiopians [Israeli embassy staff, almost certainly Mossad agents] in judo, sabotage and weaponry. The phrase the Ethiopians was apparently a code name for Mossad operatives working in Ethiopia. The letter also noted that the subject in question showed an interest in the methods of the Haganah and other Israeli underground movements. It added that he greeted our men with Shalom, was familiar with the problems of Jewry and of Israel, and gave the impression of being an intellectual.
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