Our Silence Over Mandela’s Support For Palestinians: Siddiqui

He appealed to South African Jewish expatriates to return home to help build the new nation, but made an exception for those Jews who left for their homeland, Israel. He had always been close to South African Jews. His first boss was Jewish Lazer Sidelsky, who hired him as a law clerk in the 1940s. (On his 1999 visit to Israel, Mandela met Sidelskys son, Barry). Mandela acknowledged that Jews were disproportionately represented among our white compatriots in the liberation struggle. In his 1994 autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, he wrote: I have found Jews to be more broad-minded than most whites on issues of race and politics. That liberal streak can be seen in the reaction to Netanyahus decision not go to the Mandela funeral, citing the high cost of the trip.
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Can ‘Mandela’ do him justice?

In terms of scheduling, we changed nothing. And his family urged us to continue as planned, said director Justin Chadwick, whose prior credits include The Other Boleyn Girl and The First Grader. Chadwick was with Mandelas daughters in London for the British royal familys screening of the film on the evening Mandela died. I remember asking Zindzi, his daughter, who was portrayed in the film, if we should stop the screening, because we learned about an hour into it that he had passed away. But she said no, he would want us to complete the task, Chadwick said by phone. Our plans for release dates and such were solidified last February. What gave the film a greater sense of importance was that we do Mr.
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‘MANDELA – Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation’: Oscar Nominated Documentary Film to Be Released on iTunes on December 20 ’13

<img src='http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-WTS1mDtOd_Y/UVWd8cbqYgI/AAAAAAAA4w4/weuDcYcz8dE/s1600/Nelson-Mandela-leader.jpg’ width=’200px’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

0 Comments MANDELA Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation: Oscar Nominated Documentary Film to Be Released on iTunes on December 20 13 “Enjoy this film knowing that the victory portrayed was as a result of countless sacrifices by thousands of South Africans who believed in justice for all.” Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 The Palm Pictures/Universal documentary, MANDELA, Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation will be released worldwide on iTunes for the first time on December 20th 13. Made with the full cooperation of Nelson Mandela, this gripping film is the definitive authorised telling of the story of one of the greatest freedom fighters and political leaders of the 20th Century. Set to the ebullient music of the struggle for freedom and guided by Mandelas own voice, MANDELA, Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation captures Mandelas intimate moments as well as the rallies, triumphs and tragedies that marked his life, taking us from his tribal childhood herding livestock on the veldt to his early adult years as a lawyer in Johannesburg, from his political awakening and lengthy imprisonment to his triumphant release from jail, his moral and political victory over the apartheid regime and his inauguration as the first black President of a new multi-racial democracy in South Africa. Produced by Jonathan Demme, Edward Saxon and Peter Saraf, MANDELA, Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation was directed for Island Pictures by Jo Menell and Angus Gibson and was originally released in 1996. It was executive produced by Chris Blackwell and Dan Genetti. The filmmakers amassed over 200 hours of location footage and interviews over seven months, which was later augmented by over 100 hours of extraordinary archival footage. The film is the only official documentary film biography of Nelson Mandela. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Film in 1997. Very rarely is there an opportunity to capture history as it is happening; MANDELA, Son Of Africa, Father Of A Nation is a profound and extraordinary work that will not only entertain the viewer, but instruct and inspire. I commend the filmmakers who have put this motion picture before us. Harry Belafonte
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Parties scramble for Mandela dividends

Already, some ANC members were told to vote for the ANC to honour Mandela. The ANC in the North West drew from the power of the Mandela name to win back the troubled Tlokwe council during by-elections this week. Its campaign theme was do it for Mandela. But will it work everywhere? Political analyst Somadoda Fikeni says the ANC of today will have to do things differently to walk in Mandelas footsteps. Advantage will not just fall on them because Mandela has died precisely because in some instances people will read and be reminded of Madiba and the values he led. If they dont reflect on the current leadership then the very legacy will haunt them instead of assisting them, he said. They will have to do something to approximate Madibas legacy rather than to sit and hope that his death will automatically rub off on them, he added.
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