A Nelson Mandela Reading List

Mandela biopic brings greater understanding of ex-wife, says star Naomie Harris

This documentary history follows the changing nature of the African nationalist movement over a 42 year period, between the ruling National Partys electoral victory of 1948 and the subsequent institution of apartheid, to Nelson Mandelas release from prison. It focuses on the central roles Mandela and Oliver Tambo played in the African National Congress and the ANCs success in overcoming government opposition to emerging as the voice of the anti-apartheid movement. Mandela, Nelson (Rolihlahia) in Whos Who in the Twentieth Century A general biography of Nelson Mandela from Whos Who in the Twentieth Century, which providesbiographies of men and women from different countries and cultures who have contributed to the thought as well as the action of the twentieth century. The Apartheid State in Crisis: Political Transformation of South Africa, 1975-1990 by Robert M. Price Despite the considerable attention paid to South Africa in recent years, this text is unique in providing a comprehensive analysis of South Africas politics through the 1980s. It argues that the apparent stability of South Africas apartheid regime masked a profound political transformation during this time period, which ultimately provided a framework for political transition in the 1990s.
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Justin Chadwick directed with a script by William Nicholson. It’s the only film to have been fully endorsed by the Mandelas and the Mandela Foundation. Harris said producer Anant Singh wrote to Mandela when he was in prison 26 years ago, asking for the big-screen rights to his story, and developed “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” over 17 years. Singh and Chadwick asked Harris to play Madikizela-Mandela three years ago when she was shooting the 2010 biographical drama “The First Grader” in Toronto. “I said yes, because I thought ‘I’d love to work with these guys again,’ but I had no idea really who Winnie Mandela was, because I saw her as Mandela‘s wife,” she said. “I didn’t know her complexity, so it was a huge shock for me when: No. 1, after 17 years of the film not being made it suddenly came together very, very quickly. …
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Nelson Mandela


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