Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom: Full Of Detail, Short On Insight

Watch: Idris Elba Captivates In New Trailer for ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’


24 2013, 12:00 AM EST Last updated Starring Idris Elba, Naomie Harris Classification 14A Country USA Language English The movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom feels like a long slog indeed. Public interest in the film, based on the South African leaders autobiography, is bound to be high in the wake of his death earlier this month. Unfortunately, this reverent and old-fashioned biopic is a prime example of the kind of inspirational movie that is, itself, uninspired. More Related to this Story After embodying him for the new biopic “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” actor Idris Elba says he’s been inspired by the South African leader to become a more model human being. (Dec. 2) AP Video Video At the New York premiere for his latest film “American Hustle,” Christian Bale pays tribute to Nelson Mandela and director David O. Russell praises his all star cast (Dec. 9) AP Video Video Video: Christian Bale pays tribute to Nelson Mandela What English director Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl) and screenwriter William Nicholson offer is a well-intended and honest, if distended (two-and-a-half hours), bullet-point summary of Mandelas career, full of detail but short on insight. Because the script never really digs deeply enough to be a psychological drama, we watch his journey from revolutionary to statesman with no real understanding of how he achieved his late-life wisdom beyond the fact that, you know, he lived through a lot. The boldest choice the filmmakers have made is in casting the imposing British actor Idris Elba (Pacific Rim, Prometheus) in the title role. The tall, muscular Elba, though not notably similar to Mandela in appearance, helps remind us that Mandela was not always the gentle grandpa we know from the past 20 years. After the opening prologue shows the Xhosa rituals (tribal chants, golden sunsets) that welcome the teenaged Mandela into manhood, we see him in his early, worldly years. Its the 1940s and Mandela is a cocky young Johannesburg lawyer, club denizen and frequent womanizer, in spite of having a wife and children at home. The call to greatness comes early: Beginning in 1948, when the government imposed race laws known as apartheid, he turns to activism, dumping his religious wife and children and taking up with a beautiful social worker, Winnie (Skyfalls Naomie Harris).
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Mandela movie ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ gets South Africa premiere

<img src='; width='200px' alt='British actor Idris Elba plays Nelson Mandela in the long-awaited movie adaptation of the anti-apartheid icon’s autobiography.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

25, and it’s got some big players.Directed by Justin Chadwick ( The Other Boleyn Girl ) from a screenplay by William Nicholson ( Les Miserables ),Mandela: Long Walk to Freedomstars Best Actor contender Idris Elba (otherwise known as Stringer Bell from The Wire ) as Nelson Mandela


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