Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Wasn’t African Enough!

Mandela final farewell in pictures

And clang! It closed its doors and went up, leaving the two ambassadors still fawning on each other. They were both late for their appointments, of course! What an apt parallel to draw, Koo. Can you imagine what President Raul Castro of Cuba was thinking, as he shook the hand of President Barack Obama of the United States? Koo, something like: Youre saying all these nice words about Mandela, but if you had been President in the 1960s and had possessed drones at the time, you would have sent one to vaporise him, instead of just betraying his whereabouts to the apartheid regime, as the CIA did at the time. Why, you classified him as a Communist terrorist just as you have classified me and Fidel! Hahahahaha!
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Msoni said President Sata defiled the national mourning period he declared for Nelson Mandela and set off on a campaign train in Vubwi which was shocking. Incompetent Zambian President now turns to tired former first Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda and tired serving Zambian Vice-President Guy Scott to help represent him in international engagements, said Msoni. There is serious growing concern on the competence and ability of President Sata to continue as President given that he is effectively failing to cope fully with the demand and functions of the office of President. Lately the Zambian President has literally skipped all international engagements including some local important engagements. He adds: The latest being the funeral of Madiba the global icon whose passing is largely viewed in the lens of SADC as a SADC affair where SADC member countries where represented by their Presidents and Head of state either during the memorial service or during the final burial event where Sata was conspicuously missing but delegated both Kenneth Kaunda and Guy scott to represent the Zambian government at both functions. Msoni said President Sata owed Zambians an explanation. But Sata decided to defile his own declared national mourning by going campaigning at little vubwiin the Eastern Province of Zambia shocking Zambian mourners observing and praying for Mandela, he said. No clear explanation so far has been given by Zambian government except for a flimsy reason that Sata prefers to be at home to serve costs. One Trackback
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Msoni Canes Sata over Mandela Funeral

Nason Msoni

Then a friend from Johannesburg told her all the hotel rooms were booked in her city. The trip looked impossible, but she clung to a promise she had trusted since she marched on Washington, D.C., with Dr. Martin Luther King 50 years ago. “When man says it’s impossible, that’s when God makes it a possibility,” Galloway-Blake said. It took just three hours to get her passport fixed, and three days later she was standing next to Mandela’s casket after being escorted to the front of the line. Her cost for air travel and hotel was just $2,500, and her hotel was just a mile from the where Mandela lay in state in Pretoria’s Union Building.
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Woman who marched with MLK tells Huntsville students about God-led trip to Mandela’s funeral

CREDIT/AFP WATCHING FROM A DISTANCE A group of women, dressed in the colours of the ruling ANC, with pictures of Mandela, watch the funeral on big screens installed in front of the Cape Town City Hall. PHOTO/AFP South Africans follow the main events on giant screens in Cape Town. PHOTO/AFP Millions of people across the world watch the funeral service of the global icon on their TVs and outdoor screens. PHOTO/AFP Sunday marked the end of a week of commemmorative events since the death of Mandela last Thursday. PHOTO/AFP Makaziwe Mandela (R) listening to speeches during the funeral service. CREDIT/AFP A young woman carrying a baby looks towards Nelson Mandela‘s family house in Qunu. PHOTO/AFP Locals sit on the grass as they watch the funeral on a giant screen (not seen) in a hill overlooking the valley where Mandela would later be buried. PHOTO/AFP The coat of arms of Nelson Mandela, as knight of the Swedish Order of the Seraphim, is carried from the palace to the royal burial church Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden. CREDIT/AFP THE FINAL WALK The coffin of South African former president Nelson Mandela leaves the funeral ceremony. CREDIT/AFP The coffin of Nelson Mandela


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