Mandela And The South

King spent time behind bars, and so did Mandela, nearly three decades of it. He even refused a pardon in 1985 when the condition for it was a renunciation of violence in the cause for freedom. Like King, Mandela once believed nonviolence was the way to end racism, but the South African government’s own brutality convinced him the ANC had to arm itself and wage combat if it was to succeed. In the end, however, it was Mandela’s genius at negotiation and vision of a nonracial future, not violence, that won the day. He proved Mao Zedong was wrong when the old revolutionary insisted that “in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.” The struggle, of course, goes on, both in South Africa and here at home.
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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Premesh Lalu on Nelson Mandela

“They would then be the saviours acting to save whites,” Vreugdenburg said. This month two more right-wingers were on trial accused of plotting to bomb government leaders, also inspired by Van Rensburg’s prophecies, according to Vreugdenburg, who investigated that case as well. It was among such groups that rumours of a black uprising at the end of white-minority rule festered. When it did not occur, prophesies shifted to Mandela’s death, and now beyond. On his death, the radical organisation the Suidlanders (Southlanders) suggested that members go “on holiday” to safe havens, but stopped short of calling for an evacuation. On its website it lists essential goods to take on an emergency evacuation, which include canned food, a Bible, a rucksack and tampons “to stem bleeding wounds”.
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SA’s right still fears post-Mandela apocalypse

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And so apartheid as legal formation was dismantled and it was dismantled in such a way that it left behind the possibility of building another societyof building a post-apartheid future. I think that is one of the strengths of Mandelas administration is that Mandela gave us a concept of law that even the kind of proponents of law could not uphold. So if you think about amnesty for example.
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In the footsteps of Nelson Mandela


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