Mandela: An Embodiment Of Public Relations

The IPRA code of conduct strongly admonishes communicators to honour confidential information provided to them. As a former President of South Africa, Mandela must have had the privilege of accessing information on those involved in his incarceration and the killing of blacks during the war against apartheid and colonialism. He never allowed those privilege information to influence his sense of judgement as a leader who was neither petty nor vindictive. Deception and misleading information for political patronages are attributes of propagandists who lead their followers and communities astray, Nelson Mandela was a sincere and honesty communicator who bare his mind openly without any aura of arrogance and intellectual supremacy. Mandela avoided unnecessary controversies as a man of peace. He was very mindful of his utterances, actions and the kind of friends and allies he related with during his sojourn on earth. As a global role model, every word he uttered was loaded with lessons and power to mobilise people to good causes.
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