How Nelson Mandela Affected South Africa’s Film Industry

Nelson Mandela Movie, ‘Long Walk to Freedom,’ Acquired by Oprah Winfrey’s OWN

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Notable Deaths of 2013 The movie from director Justin Chadwick is the biggest South African production ever with a budget of $35 million, compared to the $1.7 million average for local films. It has sold wide to such territories as the United Kingdom and France (Pathe), Germany (Senator), Australia (Village Roadshow), Scandinavia (Scanbox), Brazil (Vinny Films), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Israel (Shani), the Middle East (Gulf Films) and others. “There are more South African stories being told,” and this is one of them, Singh told THR earlier this year. He acquired the rights to Mandela’s autobiography more than 15 years ago, ensuring to get his blessing.
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De Klerk (Gys de Villiers) who realizes white power must end but fears that black rule will result in a bloodbath. Mandela is the man who can quell the masses and reasonably negotiate with the whites. There are personal touches as well a Mandela divorces his first wife after hints of infidelity, although that barely scratches the smooth surface of his persona a but most of the attention falls on his relationship with Winnie (an excellent Naomie Harris), his second wife. She is a strong and beautiful woman who gets caught up in her husbandas troubles and is eventually imprisoned as well, including a punishing 16 months in solitary confinement. By the time Nelson is released from prison, Winnie has become radicalized and violent, and they eventually split. He says losing his wife is the one victory the whites obtained over him. Director Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl) dresses this story with a smattering of period touches a old cars rolling along to early jazz a and several scenes of rioting and repression that are realistically frightening.
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Hollywood hit movie celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela

15 in Qunu, South Africa. The former president died on Dec. 5 , just hours before the royal premiere ofMandela: Long Walk to Freedom.On the day of his passing, Winfrey posted on Instagram a photo of her with Mandela and a message about the first time they met. “One of the great honors of my life was to be invited to Nelson Mandela


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